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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

Lunazul is committed to fostering a
respectful, diverse, and inclusive
workplace that supports our
employees, customers, consumers,
and communities. From fair-trade
practices to employment opportunities
of nearby communities, Lunazul
continues to create opportunities
across Tierra de Agaves distillery.

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Jimadors safeguard the quality and tradition of the agave fields through a fair-trade employee practice, which guarantees a sustainable income and opportunity for future generations.

The Jimadors of Tequila Valley continue the legacy of hand-harvesting using a coa, which in turn preserves the land and heritage of the traditional practice.

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El Medineño


The women of El Medineño manage the hand-labeling and packing of Lunazul, guaranteeing the highest quality through the bottling process.

After almost 15 years of overseeing the process, this group of women has grown both the economy and opportunity of their community.

As a traditionally male-dominated industry these women not only diversify the manufacturing space, but often serve as the head of the household due to the opportunity provided by their jobs.

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Casa Hogar


The Lunazul Cantarito is produced in the southern state of Oaxaca in the small village of Etla. Created at Casa Hogar, a local rehabilitation center, the Lunazul Cantaritos are crafted by individuals with special needs who therapeutically craft the clay mugs.

Since 2015, more than 50,000 Lunazul Cantaritos have been crafted at Casa Hogar, creating opportunity for a liveable wage and overall quality for the community.